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Welcome to the 'No BS With Birchy' Podcast, I’m your host, Nathan Birch, and this is the show unravelling the truth to the façade of the 21st century, we’re now exiting the matrix and waking up to motherf*cking reality.

Feb 23, 2021

3:37 PM

What should people do to have more mobility to live life on their terms? 


A perspective from his own personal experience as an active property investor himself, details how he did it. Also, how you can get started too.


Nathan Birch steps up to own the monopoly board instead of being a player of the...

Feb 16, 2021

In today's episode, Nathan reveals his ten biggest wins in property.

From buying 7 motels to a Video Ezy store and 6 regional homes. Nathan had laid out his property portfolio like a monopoly board. He was determined to expand his property empire so he can use it as a wealth vehicle to escape the matrix. Now, over 230+...

Feb 9, 2021

Welcome to the first episode of the No BS With Birchy podcast, Nathan Birch discuss why house prices in some regions across Australia have never been cheaper. 

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