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Welcome to the 'No BS With Birchy' Podcast, I’m your host, Nathan Birch, and this is the show unravelling the truth to the façade of the 21st century, we’re now exiting the matrix and waking up to motherf*cking reality.

Apr 20, 2021

From being a poor kid from Western Sydney to making his first $1M at the age of 24. So, what's next for Nathan?

Currently, Nathan's a centimillionaire. What's that? A centimillionaire is a person who's asset position is worth $100M or more. Now, he has an ambitious goal to have $1B by the age of 40. How's he going to go...

Apr 13, 2021

Should you build or buy an investment property? Do you prefer to be an active or passive investor? Is buying a unit or house the better purchase?

Nathan discusses the benefits of both sides of the coin. There are many factors to consider before entering the cash flow game.  Whatever it is that will take you closer to...

Apr 6, 2021

Why do we as human beings chase cheap thrills? How is instant gratification ruining our lives? What's the difference between a winner and a loser?


We all have hurdles we face on a daily basis but it's how you respond to the situation is what matters most. If you react, the situation is controlling you. If you respond,...