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Welcome to the 'No BS With Birchy' Podcast, I’m your host, Nathan Birch, and this is the show unravelling the truth to the façade of the 21st century, we’re now exiting the matrix and waking up to motherf*cking reality.

Jan 25, 2022

Over the past 18 years of experience in the property game and Nathan Birch has accumulated over 230 investment properties in his investment property portfolio. Out of his investment property portfolio, he tells you his best and worst investment property and why. Your host, Nathan Birch, also answers some community...

Jan 18, 2022

Is it better to rentvest? Rentvesting in essence is renting where you want to live and investing where you can afford to invest in the housing market. Your host, Nathan Birch, shares his thoughts on whether rentvesting is worth it and how you can get exposure in the Australian housing market in 2022.


Jan 11, 2022

Can you live off the grid in Australia? Off grid living simply involves living without any use of everyday utilities like power, gas or your council's water supply. Your host, Nathan Birch, details how to truly remove yourself from the shackles of society and what you need in order to find yourself...

Jan 4, 2022

How do you overcome challenges getting in the way of you becoming financially free? Is it possible to rely on one income source? Do you need to have multiple streams of income to live comfortably in the modern world? Your host, Nathan Birch, unravels the triumphs of building a property empire, the importance of...