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Welcome to the 'No BS With Birchy' Podcast, I’m your host, Nathan Birch, and this is the show unravelling the truth to the façade of the 21st century, we’re now exiting the matrix and waking up to motherf*cking reality.

Nov 2, 2021

Is ignorance really bliss? Do you want to live life on your terms? Do you have the ability to do what you want, when you want and how you want? Your host, Nathan Birch, shares his belief that being ignorant on what's happening in the world, does more harm than good.


Episode Notes:

Why it matters and how to start living life on your terms? (2:40)
Fake news, lies and propaganda. (7:00)
BirchFEED: Nathan Birch sorting fact from fiction. (17:50)


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